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  • Deep fakes as politician’s new scapegoat

    26 november, 2019 av

    All of these gay programmers developing AI deep fakes these days are a problem. The technology was made to meme and experiment with face swapping and changing faces on actors. But in the end it will be like the new Photoshop of videos. The globalists will use this tool as an scapegoat now. So if… Läs mer

  • The Epstein Murder & The Pedohile Circle

    21 november, 2019 av

    So we all know Epstein was murdured. It’s to obvious. Either is was suicide by knowingly setting up a lack of security, which would mean the federation responsible is totally incompetent on their jobs or they wanted him ded so he couldn’t testify to expose more pedophiles in from the satanic circle. Or more likely,… Läs mer

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